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A 60 to 90 minute explainer video when made right can drive as many customers as you wish and produce favorable results to your company. When you surf the Internet, you will mostly come across a plethora of written content but only see a small percentage of video content. However, humans are naturally interested more in watching videos than reading. That explains why YouTube is very popular among so many individuals around the world.


Creating an explainer video for the sake of just having one for your landing page or home page without serious planning, however, does not guarantee long-term success. You need to follow some guidelines to create a very effective one. It is important that you come up with something that is utterly unique to continuously attract viewers to watch the video and eventually buy the product you are featuring. As you read on you will learn how to make a video that catches the viewers’ attention instantly.


The explainer video must be entertaining and informative

When you make your video do not forget to include the 3Ws (why, who, what). You should be able to inform your viewers in an entertaining way about your business, the products you sell and the reason why you are selling them. Unlike in a mediocre explainer video that contains incomplete information, good video shows all the important information the customers should know about the product and the maker.  It is of utmost value that you create a visually entertaining content as well.


The explainer video must influence the viewers to try the services and products


What is the use of spending thousands of dollars for a video if it cannot sell your product?

Although the viewers may not need your product, but if you have introduced it in the explainer video well and also showed how good it is they may try it because of the benefits they can get from it. It will especially become very convincing if you tell the viewers how the product has helped you in any way since it will give them more confidence in the product.


The explainer video must provoke or evoke an emotion


You have to bear in mind that the viewers of your video are humans with emotions. Nothing more appeals to the emotions than a meaningful and thoughtful visual story of which the viewers can relate to. It could be like in the form of a short skit or a mini film that all viewers would love to watch through to the end. Be sure to fill your explainer video with a combination of heartfelt entertainment, useful information and visual motion. Be sure to incorporate the 3Ws in it as well.

Get free Explainer Video quote