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There are different types of explainer videos. Each video is varied and suitable for use on different products. If you are considering using explainer videos to market your product or services, you must ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the types of explainer videos to choose the most suitable channel that will best represent your interests.

Your aim as an advertiser should not be to make any other marketing video but rather come up with a killer video that will be a darling for the viewers. This is the best way to use this channel to effectively advertise your brand. To do this, you must know the various types of explainer videos and what each one of them does. This information is freely available on the internet. Alternatively, if you feel you are unable to identify the best explainer video for your product, consult with an expert.


You need to have a solid understanding of the various styles and techniques employed by each type of explainer video. Your provider should be able to take you through this step to make sure that they fully understand and capture your needs before they begin the process of making the explainer video. On your own account, you should be aware of the product or service you want advertised as well as your target market. Some of these crucial considerations are critical when choosing the best advertising platform from several types of explainer videos. You should know that while some explainer videos work exceptionally well for a certain product or service, they cannot be applied elsewhere.


If you are looking for information on types of explainer videos, the internet is a good educational platform that can provide a useful insight into this topic. The following are some of the most common types of explainer videos you can consider if you want to advertise your business.


  • 2D Character animation: A popular animation style that blends both character and scenes. It’s created in 2D space.


  • 2D Motion Graphics animation: Commonly used to explain complicated products but maintained use of 2D graphics.


  • Whiteboard Animation: One of the best types of explainer videos. Recommended for giving detailed explanations about various products and services. Simple black and white illustrations are demonstrated on a whiteboard.


  • 3D Animation: Expensive animation that provides very high quality graphics to achieve endless possibilities. Used commonly for commercial products by large companies.


  • Live Action: Real camera recording of human beings who appear in the video explaining how a certain product or service works.


  • Screen cast: Audio narration that uses the screen to illustrate examples of what is being explained. Good for those who want to explain video tutorials.


The above are just some of the few types of explainer videos. You should discuss with your provider to identify the most appropriate that will generate the best result.

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