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The cost of marketing has become unbearable for many entrepreneurs. It’s disappointing to spend so much on advertising techniques and fail to get the desired results. Thanks to technology, new marketing techniques aimed at giving your business unparalleled benefits have been introduced. Explainer videos are the new kid on the block when it comes to cost effective business online marketing solutions. As usual, clients want to know how much do explainer videos cost before contracting companies to design custom explainer videos for their businesses.


In order to grow business revenue, you must be willing to come up with an advertising budget. Since their inception, explainer videos have managed to capture a huge amount of attention particularly due to the fact that they have introduced a new and unique way of marketing. Surprisingly, despite registering impressive results and becoming popular, explainer videos still remain one of the cheapest advertising techniques. When you check on the internet how much do explainer videos cost, you will realize that the total cost of advertising is significantly lower than other traditional methods of marketing.

For many advertisers, the target market has now shifted to an online audience with several advertisers increasingly trying to engage themselves in new online marketing ventures.  With only a few dollars, you can get an amazing explainer video that tells your product story in an informative and engaging manner. The introduction of online freelancing sites has further pushed down the cost of explainer videos. With as low as $ 10, it is possible to find an online freelancer with skills of creating impeccable explainer videos. This presents a huge advantage for those who want to know how much do explainer videos cost as they only need to spend very little to advertise.


The increased need to find a unique way of advertising has propelled many advertisers to embrace explainer videos in an attempt to market their products and services. Explainer videos are basically meant to tell your story in a way that will make prospective clients feel like you are directly communicating with them. It is, however, good to know that the cost of developing explainer videos depends on several factors. In most cases, many providers will not be in a position to tell you how much do explainer videos cost unless you provide a list of your requirements and expectations. Advertisers have varied needs; therefore, explainer video companies or professionals depend on the information you give them to prepare a quote.


Factors such as the number of videos, length of the video, quality of graphics (2D or 3D) are some of the factors used to determine how much do explainer videos cost. Simple and straightforward explainer videos with simplified graphics will cost you less compared to more elaborate and complicated animation.

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