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In spite of the rise in explainer video cost, many business owners still want to use an explainer video as they believe that it can positively affect their sales and conversion rates. The effect of the explainer video may be relatively different from one viewer to another but generally watching an explainer video is more engaging and entertaining than reading a text. Thus, business owners use video to get better results for their products or services.

Not all business owners, however, can afford to use an explainer video since it can pretty expensive. Nowadays, standard explainer video cost may range from a minimum of $1, 500 to a maximum of 15,000. The minimum price may still go up to $5,000 for reputable producers. The cost depends on several factors such as quality, availability and experience of the producer. However, do not let the figures discourage you from having your own unique explainer video at a cost you can afford. Below are some tips on how to save on explainer video cost as you prepare your own.

Do some and delegate some

Agencies cost an arm and a leg because they do all the things needed to come up with an explainer video that you want. In short, they are in charge of everything from choosing the materials to marketing. Explainer video cost is basically high because, in every agency, there are many people working on just one video. Thus, you can save on the cost if you decide to manage the project yourself since you can do part of the work and delegate some that are beyond your expertise. This means you only pay for outsourcing.

Look for a video producer

If you want to cut down on explainer video cost, try to find a video producer working freelance and just be sure to see some samples of his work so you will know if the style and quality meet your expectations. The video producer is expected to work on sound design, video production, storyboarding and style frames.

Compose your script

One way to reduce explainer video cost is to create your own script. Always remember to focus on every benefit your product can give to all the viewers. Never mind about the features. The main element is to inform them that your product is the best solution to their problem.

Search for a talent

You can also trim down explainer video cost by hiring a voiceover talent at a price you can afford.  There are actually lots of great voiceover talents who are willing to help you. You can search at where you can choose from a wide range of voices.

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