Companies can more effectively promote their products through web videos. A product-video can excellently convey the benefits of using your product or services compared to regular text or photo. Making a product-video can help consumers understand the features of your product as well as for them to see how your particular product can help them.

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The hottest trend in the web, today, is videos. The internet is filled with videos from how to, movie trailer, music videos, instructional, commentary and promotional. Even big companies realize the endless possibilities and benefits that videos can bring to their revenues. A product-video in particular is a very effective way of getting your product out to your customers.  Videos are not only used to advertise a product or service, it can benefit your company by more than just giving your brand an exposure.

A product-video can foster interest and facilitate interaction between you and your customers. Video sharing websites and social media allows people to share their comments and interact with one another. People can know about your product by posting comments on the video, give them link to your websites or create another video that answers their specific queries. This interaction can encourage your viewers to subscribe to your list and purchase your products.


A product-video can also generate more traffic to your website. Google owns YouTube, this means that this search engine trusts the link coming from YouTube and, therefore, regards it as a high quality link. Research shows that websites that have a video on its page is more likely to get ranked higher in the search results compared to websites that only have texts on it. Doing a proper optimization on your product-video can make it listed on the first page of the search results for your keywords.


An entertaining and informative product-video can make your website visitors spend more time on your website thereby enhancing the experience of your visitors. It is important that you also provide good content to your visitors by not only making promotional videos. Making live demos, product reviews and tutorials can offer your visitors more reasons to come back to your website.


Videos are regarded with higher value compared to other forms of media like text. It can help your products stand out from its competition. As popular as it can be, not very many organizations are using videos to promote their products, most especially start-up businesses. This is because production can be expensive and hiring a video creator is a luxury for these businesses. However, there are a number of inexpensive and sometimes even free methods that can be used to create professional looking videos. A product-video can be a game changer for your product and help boost your sales.

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