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Explainer videos allow businesses and companies to promote their products or services without making it look like an advertisement. These videos are used to discuss and explain benefits of using the product. Giving the viewer enough information on how your product can answer a specific problem can give them good reasons to purchase your product or avail your services. Best explainer videos are the ones that not only entertain the viewers, but also provide solid facts about the product. A successful explainer video builds a connection between the product and customers in such a way that they can easily remember and understand how your product works through your videos.

If there are good explainer videos, then there also some that doesn’t perform well. Not all explainer videos are the same. There’s really no secret trick that can make your explainer video popular, but there are just certain elements that the best explainer videos have that you should also apply to your explainer videos to make them successful.


It is important that you don’t only have a good story, but it should also be short. You may have the best product and use the best animation, but making the video run for 30 minutes is certainly not your best move. People nowadays tend to have a very short attention span, so making them sit and watch all the benefits of your product for 30 minutes can actually hurt your brand than promote it. Research shows that the best explainer videos have an average running time of only 45 to 90 seconds. A 30 second clip is too short and more like a TV ad, longer than 2 minutes can be boring. So keep them short but packed with all the important things that you want your viewers to remember about your product or services.


Best explainer videos have a specific focus and not just randomly list all the details of the product. Your video should have a specific problem to discuss and how your product can solve that problem. You only have a maximum of 90 seconds to make an introduction, lay out the facts, problem and solution. So try to list down all your ideas and choose the most important things, then make an explainer video around it. If you have more things to explain or there are other aspects about your product that you need to explain further, then you can make a series of explainer videos for each of these topics.


Your video can mean nothing to your business if you don’t have a call to action. Best explainer videos should also tell the viewer what’s the next thing that they should do. This is simply guiding them to do something like download the product, sign up for a membership or subscribe for newsletters.  Always remember that the best explainer videos are the ones that convert the views into sales.

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