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Explainer videos are a great marketing tool for online marketing and promote the business with maximum effect to tap the prospective customers. They play a major role in making a good impression on customers who visit the website. They are made keeping in mind time factor, as they need to capture the attention of a viewer within a minute or so, compelling them to visit the website again to view the product and eventually make a purchase.

Great explainer videos capture the potential customers as they are powerful visually and communicate the business and idea behind it in a beautiful way. This is done in a short duration of time, with less money involved and saves time for the online consumers.

Leading brands use these explainer videos for effective promotion of their products and business. These videos are eye catching, very attractive, often interactive, thought provoking and tell a great story of the business venture in very few seconds making a connection with its online customers. They leave a long lasting effect on the minds of its viewers more than any advertisement in newspaper can or a slogan would do. The customer shares the videos, comes back to view it and sometimes likes it so much too even promote it among family and friends.

A good explainer video explains the client about your product and guides each visitor about what all your website offers and its core idea. It boosts the interest in the product the customer is looking for and encourages sharing the idea with other social networking groups.

Some of the characteristics of great explainer videos are as follows:

1. Short and Crisp- It should be about a minute long to capture the attention of the viewer immediately. Once he starts watching the video, there is a need to relate to the product immediately, building interest in the same.

2. It should highlight the benefits of the product: A customer should be provoked to think as to how he can use that specific product or what good will he get from it. If the customer is satisfied by its qualities, then they might just purchase it there and then.

3. Quality of video should be effective to make a good impact, with its wonderful and innovative visual and sound effects. Animated videos can also be used to create a
long term effect on the customers who view the video.

4. An online customer wants to get the information as quickly as possible about the products and its features. So the main highlights of the product should be seen immediately, as if the client loses interest once, then they might not come back and hence a potential customer will be lost.

A Great Explainer Video can give a huge boost to the online business since in today’s fast paced world people do not have a lot of time. These videos attract potential customers by the beautiful and to the point presentation of a product and its business idea in a colourful way, with quality presentation.

Get free Explainer Video quote