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With the world going online with almost every business, there is a need to deduce other ways of marketing other than the traditional ones. The first impression you create on your customers online gives them a chance to judge the kind of products and services that you offer to them. Therefore, your marketing on your various sites should go beyond the readable ones and embrace some kind of visual conversations where you get a chance to explain visually and verbally the services that you offer. Web video could just be a method that will set you and your competitors at a different level, giving you the advantage over them.

Once you have chosen to venture and give a trial to this kind of advertising, the next agenda should focus on the type of company that offers this service. Since there are a lot of them, genuineness, quality services, and experience should be the factors that you ought to consider when choosing one to create them for your business. Web video is not the kind of product that your business should make a mistake with, because it carries not only the message, but it also displays the image of your business to your potential clients and to your investors as well.


Why choose Explainer Rocket?


  1. We are customer oriented – Different businesses have different traditions and ways of marketing their products to their customers. This is one attribute that we have discovered to be important to an established business. For this reason, all our services are based on the type of web video you require for your business. We take the time to listen and develop one that will show all the features that you will want to put on it. For a growing business, and the new ones, you will get the best advice on the best video from our experts.
  2. We have the experience – Having been on the industry for over 8 years now, you can have the surety that we put in the best team on creating the web video that will turn visitors on your site into potential long term customers. With us, you can rate us basing on the kind of samples that we have done for other businesses and this will create the basis for you and your business associates to review us. All our team of experts is also qualified to offer professional services not only in video design but also in web design and other services that pertain to online marketing.
  3. Quality Filming facility – Since every business and every investment require the best facilities, all our studios are built to standard and equipped well to create the best. Versatility of our equipment enables us to create numerous videos and edit them tirelessly until you, as the client, is satisfied.
  4. Competitive prices – At Explainer Rocket, we are dedicated to offering all our web video in affordable rates to most businesses since they all differ. Together with competitive packages that come with the video, you will surely appreciate that every cost you incur will be proportionate with the rate.


Web video has been discovered to be the ultimate answer of attracting potential visitors to your site, keeping them, and turning them into customers which finally translate into sales.

Get free Explainer Video quote