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Do you have a product that needs online advertising, but you do not have much budget? Are you one of the followers of the recent trends of online advertising? Do you think that the internet is a vast field perfect for expanding your advertisements and commercials? Then, you are right! Internet has grown infinitely in the last decade, and in that way, it is now one of the leading fields in advertising. However, marketing is always developing, and it is always searching new ways to attract customers. One of these new assets is explainer video cheap animation.

It is a short video that captivates viewer’s attention; it has interesting images and fun noises and voices. It explains your business in a very innovative way, not leaving any questions for the customers. This can be the perfect way to advertise launching your new business or if you are just trying to revive the old one. All you need to do is to find the right company that will meet all your wishes. One of the companies that is able to make your imaginations come to life and what is most important, makes explainer video cheap production Explainer Rocket. They are a German company, which is specialized in helping people when it comes to video animation. They offer a fantastic service and short waiting period.


The Price is Right!


You do not have to worry; the price will shock you, but in a good way. There is no definite price, because every video is different, and it does not require the same amount of dedication and work. The prices depend on the length of the video, how much the content is difficult to make, and if the client has any special desires. You will be happy to know that you only pay for what was quoted – no additional costs. The price includes project management, script making, speakers, and finished video. Therefore, to summarize, you get full and excellent services of the team with the best possible ideas to accomplish your plan through explainer video cheap animations.
Many companies make explainer videos. They all offer the prices from $1,500 up to $15,000 for 60 seconds of animated explainer video. Depending on what your need is; you have to know how much you want to pay. If you have a small home-based company, and you do not need anything serious, you should look for an explainer video cheap production company. If you are a big, multinational company and you have all the funds necessary to make a serious and elegant video, then you should still do the same!


You will figure out that Explainer Rocket is the perfect mixture of experience and low prices, and you will be completely satisfied with their service, and will explainer video cheap animation for your product or company.

Get free Explainer Video quote