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The power of the internet has completely changed how businesses operate nowadays. There is a gradual shift from the traditional way of advertising to creating a bigger online presence through websites and social media platforms. One of the methods that large companies and marketers recently used to attract people to their brand is through explainer videos. Small business can greatly benefit if they have their own startup explainer videos in their websites.

Explainer videos are basically just a short presentation that tells people something about your product and your company. The video should essentially contain an introduction to your product and an example of a problem that can be solved using your product. So basically, the goal of a startup explainer video is just something that would capture the attention of your potential customers and make them realize how your product can also help them with their problems. Startup explainer videos should be kept relatively short but concise so that the viewers won’t get bored while watching your videos. These explainer videos are the latest trend in marketing and capturing leads. There are several ways of making startup explainer videos; it just depends on your budget and style which method will you use for your startup business.


The most common startup explainer videos that can be found online are made from 2D animation. 2D animation is very cheap to do, making it a viable option for businesses that don’t have huge funds for marketing. You can find a number of websites and companies that offer 2D animation services for startups. Businesses that have a bigger budget can opt to go for a 3D animated explainer video. Although this can be expensive, it has more chances of going virally and be seen more people.


A live or actual video of a person explaining the benefits of a product or service can also prove to be an effective explainer video. What you will need for this is just a good video camera, and you can start recording a video of yourself or another person explaining the product. You can also make a bigger production by hiring video professionals to direct and edit the video.


You may have seen a hand that writes and draws things on a blank whiteboard while hearing a voice of a person talking on the background. Many businesses use this method for their startup explainer videos. This is also cheap to produce, and not many props are needed for this. Another simple yet catchy kind of startup explainer videos is called kinetic typography. This method uses only words that are creatively arranged in sequence that aims to inspire or relay specific information to the audience.


There are many other methods that you can use to make startup explainer videos for your business. The important thing is to select the method that can effectively deliver your message to your targeted audience.

Get free Explainer Video quote