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If you are looking for a well-designed image film to project your business idea to a multinational audience, or if you have a cutting edge concept you wish to showcase in the next big conference, decide to go for explainer videos from Explainer Rocket, the premier go-to company for a concept production video!


Videos from Explainer Rocket enhance your business idea with a carefully crafted, scenario-based marketing video that captures and showcases the central theme to a target audience to sell your business enterprise. Without a good connect with the intended benefactors, stakeholders, or recipients of your business plan, a great idea could bite the dust or not take off owing to lack to financial backing or any other form of support. Communicate your ideas clearly to your audience with an animated yet formal film production that covers various aspects of a business or innovative concept. You could be at the threshold of something revolutionary, so make sure you leverage your pioneer enterprise with Explainer Rocket image films.


Why would you go to Explainer Rocket over other firms? Or more importantly, why would you go to an explainer video company like Explainer Rocket instead of simply creating a video yourself? Passion! You have a need for online video marketing, whereas Explainer Rocket is driven by passion. The best minds put on their thinking caps to design a unique clip around your innovative proposition. The world’s best talent come together to create short, precise, engaging, and compelling videos to sell your business idea in a few minutes. From animation experts to business analysts, designers to web experts, the company harnesses the best available skills to create a winning product-video for YOU


What’s in it for you?

  • Your business idea in an animated video.
  • Engaging, interesting content to capture the imagination of your audience.
  • A reality check to ensure your idea is feasible, practical, and backed by sound reasoning.
  • A clear understanding of the value-add of your idea to a company, institution, or government agency.


If you are looking for an explainer video to help you design an animated video film production over a patentable idea, contact Explainer Rocket today. With an array of themes and styles, you can choose a template that works best for you. Experts at the company do a thorough analysis of your concept to understand it perfectly before creating a feature presentation showcasing your proposition. The designers and animators understand a product or service, its associated benefits, and the problems that are being addressed with the new concept.


The team at Explainer Rocket breaks the proposition down into several smaller, easily explained components. Copywriting experts then build a script with the given proponents, the right storyline, text and voiceover. The entire process goes through two or three iterations until the clients, and the designing teams are satisfied. The animation professionals then create the final company produce video, explaining the business concept in clear, easy-to-follow scenarios and case studies. The company presents the final explainer video to the client.  Explainer Rocket is dedicated to client satisfaction and offers customers three free correction loops for a fantastic explainer video.

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