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As the number of people making purchases online keeps increasing day after day, online businesses improve their marketing strategy by making a web video to promote their products. Minute after minute the Internet is filled with fresh content and new ideas. Thus, making unique and more valuable content can be challenging but this is the only way to be recognized and distinguished among the rest. That is why more and more businesses are using explainer videos to get their message across.

Using an explainer video such as a web video that usually lasts for about 1 to 2 minutes to introduce a certain product is enough to engage your potential customer. So long as you provide sufficient information about the new product in an interesting way, there is no doubt that the viewers will watch the product-video through to the end. As this does not take up much of the viewers’ time, they will most likely watch it.

Using an explainer video to market your product is by far the most popular form of marketing. It is more engaging to watch video ads compared to the traditional text descriptions and explanations.  Because of too much content and high speed internet connections, users do not have the patience to stay on a particular page for a considerable period of time. It is said that the attention span of average Internet users is only 8 seconds and if they do not find something engaging in such a short time, they will right away keep searching until they find something of value and interest to them. An effective video marketing includes all the relevant details in just 1 to 2 minutes.

Marketing your product using a video can increase chances for your product to be introduced in another medium. Reporters especially want to use a material that is completely explained and described in detail, and by using an in-depth product-video, your product will have greater chances of being noticed over the others. As you try to produce an informative video, more and more reporters will be interested in your product since they do not have to research more. Since you have explained everything on your video, there will be little room for interpretation on the reporter’s end, giving viewers the most accurate information.

It is true that the explainer videos are effective in increasing the sales the company, but there is actually more to that as they are also useful in promoting social awareness on public issues. A considerable number of non-profit organizations produce video content that promotes public awareness for a certain number of issues such as the environment, wildlife protection, environment protection and so on.

Get free Explainer Video quote