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Animated explainer videos have gained immense popularity especially for marketing and information drive. People just simply love watching videos, videos not only entertain but it’s also the easiest way to receive information. Explainer videos in particular are designed to engage the viewers and inform them about the advantages of a product or service in such a way that it makes them compelled to take immediate action. Animated explainer videos are the new way of promoting products or services to your targeted audience, and it produces better results.


One of the benefits of using animated explainer videos is it improve the overall experience of visitors who visit your website. Having fun yet informative animated explainer videos on your website further enhances its quality, giving it a more professional look. These videos can give your website visitors more time to spend browsing through your pages and taking a look at what you have to offer. The improved website quality and user experience can also prompt search engines to give your website higher rankings whenever people search for keywords that are related to your site. The higher your website goes up to the search result ranking, can drive even more visitors through organic search results. The increased website traffic is what every business aims for. All this traffic can eventually turn into cash whenever people avail your products or services.


Social media is also a very powerful channel that can either make or break your business. Animated explainer videos can provide your business a chance to tap into this huge platform. Your website visitors may find your animated explainer videos so interesting and informative that they would like to share this on their Facebook friends, Tweet about it or Pin It. There’s just so many ways of getting your information out, and animated explainer videos is simply the most effective way reaching a broader audience and finding new customers.


Animated explainer videos can turn your boring sales pitch into cool and fun bits of information.  The cool animations can give your message an entirely new meaning. People won’t think of it as just another advertisement for just some product, but rather a story that they can relate into. The presentation of facts through animation helps the viewer understand what the video is all about and help them remember the important things discussed in the video.


People used to think that cartoons are just for kids. But research shows that there is a little kid in all of us and even adults are entertained by cartoons. Interestingly, animated explainer videos are considered as more authoritative and reliable source of information. This is because a huge number of homemade videos of people claiming as experts on certain topics talking about things in front of their webcams flood the internet. Professionally made animated explainer videos can help build your company’s reputation and develop trust among your customers.

Get free Explainer Video quote