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Using an explainer video to market your product is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales. Start-up companies and even well-established ones still use a web video to promote their upcoming product to catch the attention of their target market more effectively. A good explainer video does not only introduce the product but also explains the possible solutions the product can give to the user, including its advantages. It should show the purpose for making the product. This product-video, more often than not, is distributed prior to the product’s release or production. It is primarily used to increase the level of the users’ curiosity since the more they get curious, the more they will look forward to the launching of the actual product. Thus, an explainer video should be presented in a clear and informative tone that lasts only for a short period of time.


Here are some useful tips to guide you how to produce video with valuable content:


Make an explainer video with a purpose


Featuring the product in detail is actually not enough. Product walkthroughs are only appropriate if the user already understands the nature of the product. Instead, you should be ready to produce a web video that explains how this product you are promoting has improved your life. The video should contain the reasons why you are using it yourself. You must let the user know you believe the product is effective by using it yourself in order to encourage them more to use it themselves.


The content of your video must be brief and concise

Be sure to produce video with only a short duration such as from 45 to 90 seconds. Videos, shorter than or longer than the expected duration, are not quite effective. This means that your video must have all the important words needed to focus on its purpose. Focusing on the 3 most essential things such as the target market for your product-video, the purpose of the product and important information about the product that the users expect to know before seeing the actual product is the key to creating short and valuable content.


Focus on the quality of the explainer video


Creating video ads requires hard work and lots of editing. You cannot make a perfect video without focusing on every detail of the video. These details include quality audio, clear visuals, good content and concise script. Videos of high quality are more easily distinguished compared to poor quality videos and the viewers exactly know that. Thus, the next time you decide on creating high quality explainer videos, be sure to check every detail very carefully or better yet hire a professional to produce video of the highest quality.

Get free Explainer Video quote