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Everything you see and hear on an explainer video has the power to convince the viewers into availing the kind of product or service offered on your website provided that it was made with quality including its explainer video script. Before you even conceptualize on the illustration and animation, you must spend time developing a great explainer video script with engaging words for people to be interested in watching the whole video as well. It is the foundation for an effective explainer video so you must use all marketing strategies you can think of. Few things you have to consider in writing a killer explainer video script is your target audience, the purpose of the video and call-to-action tactic. But for a complete and better understanding of these factors, you can read the below points and make sure to apply them on your explainer video script.

  • Brief but Accurate Explainer Video Script

Making an explainer video script doesn’t have to be very long as it could make a whole video very boring. However, the length of your script must still depend on the kind of audience you’re trying to reach. A person may want to take a short look at your video to know if what you’re offering is what she’s looking for but if your explainer video script doesn’t accurately give the kind of information she needs, there’s a high chance she would transfer to another website. Make sure to make a short script but with the exact and complete information your target audience potentially looks for.

  • Explainer Video Script Must Speak Directly to the Target Audience

The best way to speak directly into your audience is to talk about the things that they usually do, say, and think in real life situations. Make your explainer video script a good way to communicate to the viewers by using personal pronouns like “you” and “your”. Let them know the things that they do not know about the product, not those that they already know, and in a very friendly manner as well.

  • Explainer Video Script Must Contain an Interesting Story

The more interesting story you share, the more they will understand what your explainer video is trying to say. For example, you may include a story about Shiela who had problems with her exams and other aspects of her life because of a memory problem and how she was able to discover the product you sell which changed completely changed her life for good. A good explainer video script creates a story that defines a normal customer’s life in the real world.


Making effective and entertaining explainer video script takes time, so it’s not advisable to rush. Collect fresh and new ideas from the people you know and have them share what they a good explainer video script should be. They should know because they are a part of the market as well and could be your potential target audience in the future!

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